Corpus Christi on the rocks

My last session with Chris Rauch was long time ago. Therefore we had to meet and try something together again. His plan for Corpus Christi was to try something at the main bloc at Sustenpass. At first I was a bit sceptical whether there isn’t to much snow. But when Martin Keller told us that it’s dry up there, I got motivated to accompany Chris.

Datei 30.05.16, 14 51 11

My main goal was to finish at least ‚Traumland‘. An 8A which was put up by Klem Loskot many years ago. I ticked it directly after the warm up but somehow that wasn’t very satisfying though as it has no topout. Therefore I decided to check the moves of the extension: ‚Le rêve de faire‘ which is a classic boulder problem as well. It was first climbed by Fred Nicole. Suprisingly I nearly climbed that one on my first try from the ground. I cruised through the crux but was a bit to hesitant at the last move to the jug and fell off. Right afterwards it got really warm because the sun came in. That’s why I didn’t give it more tries on the first day. In the next morning I did like the day before. Warmed up and ticked ‚Le rêve de faire‘ 8B afterwards.


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