Feeling like a PRO

I guess as a professional rockclimber you are on the road all the time. As I finished my bachelor thesis a bit earlier than expected I had some time to do so as well, before I had to start my work as a routesetter in April. 

First stop of the roadtrippin was Heidelberg for two days. I wanted to try Mensch und Maschine, as well as Cannibal Corpse, both 8B+. As I wasn’t fit on the first day I didn’t really try MM at the Riesenstein. I decided to get rather the easier classics done than doing nothing. Perkeo on the rocks and Tanz den Mussolini, both 7C+, are worth a try as well. On the second day I tried the CC which is one of the better lines in Germany. It’s a steep, powerful and short boulder. The crux is only about two moves. After all I could do one of those. Maybe it’s a project for the future.

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The next stop was Ticino. Together with my girlfriend we met with some friends there. We had five days to crush old projects. Luckily there was a lot of wind which made perfect conditions. The first thing on my list was ‚Schlonziges Wiener Schmankerl sit‘ which is around 8A+. I tried it on our last trip over new years eve but couldn’t finish it then. This time I was confident to be able to climb it but that’s never a good sign. I more likely climb a hard boulder if I’m a bit doubtful and get suprised with a good feeling. Nevertheless it worked this time though. After a few tries I stood on top of the boulder as Liesa also did a few hours earlier on her project ‚Bella Nicki‘ 7A. In the end we could climb all of our main projects for this trip and caugth them with the camera. Watch what happend the next days.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.


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