Due to bad weather from new years eve on, I got syked to try old projects in Kochel again. In autumn 2014 I fell off ‚Powernap‘, a combination of ‚Diesseits von Jena‘ and ‚Antonator‘, in the dihedral at the very end for two times in a row. Afterwards I wasn’t motivated to try it again, as I had other projects in my head.

In January, Thilo who tried Antonator, gave me an a** kick and I got motivated to try the link up again. I thought it would be a big battle to figure out all the moves once more. But luckily I have a good remembrance. On the first day up there, I could already climb the combo in two overlapping parts. Therefore I got super syked to send it pretty fast this time. Unfortunately the weather forecast for the following weekend wasn’t that good. A lot of snow was predicted and it should get very cold. And addictionally my motivation buddy got a cold as well. However, the wall stays dry even if there’s a lot of snow and  I was motivated as hell. So I convinced my girlfriend to accompany myself. She wasn’t disappointed afterwards.

Datei 12.03.16, 11 52 59

When we hiked up to the wall, there was pretty much snow. But we were prepared. She weared here winter boots and I got some gaiters. It was kind of ‚Winterwonderland‘ all around us. I have been to the Atlantiswall many times before but there hasn’t been an atmosphere like this. When we arrived at the crag, some other guys who went up there that day, already prepared for hiking down. So we were alone at the wall afterwards. Sheltered from the blowing snow. Enjoying the scenery.

Totally motivated I started to warm-up with a cup of tea, my plasticine and the other common warming rituals I have. Directly after the warm-up, I found myself on top of ‚Powernap‘. Surprisingly on the first try of the day. My fingers were freezing due to the length of the climb. But I was satisfied that I did it. Afterwards we already hiked down again, as I was happy enough and didn’t want my girlfriend to continue freezing.

For those of you who want to know how hard the link up is. For me it felt like a really solid 8B boulder. Toni Lamprecht put it up in 2013 and it combines the cruxes of ‚Diesseits von Jena‘ 8A+ and ‚Antonator‘ 8B. Since the first ascent, it hasn’t seen a lot of successful traffic. Only Chris Rauch was able to repeate it before me.


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