Corpus Christi on the rocks

My last session with Chris Rauch was long time ago. Therefore we had to meet and try something together again. His plan for Corpus Christi was to try something at the main bloc at Sustenpass. At first I was a bit sceptical whether there isn’t to much snow. But when Martin Keller told us that it’s dry up […]

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Feeling like a PRO

I guess as a professional rockclimber you are on the road all the time. As I finished my bachelor thesis a bit earlier than expected I had some time to do so as well, before I had to start my work as a routesetter in April.  First stop of the roadtrippin was Heidelberg for two days. I […]

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Plan B

Two days in Heidelberg, trying ‚Mensch und Maschine‘ was the plan for last weekend. Unfortunately my girlfriend got sick the night before, so we cancled the short trip spontaneously.  As an alternative I decided to climb in Kochel for one day. I felt unfit so I repeated ‚Aldi Power‘ once more, which I had done […]

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Due to bad weather from new years eve on, I got syked to try old projects in Kochel again. In autumn 2014 I fell off ‚Powernap‘, a combination of ‚Diesseits von Jena‘ and ‚Antonator‘, in the dihedral at the very end for two times in a row. Afterwards I wasn’t motivated to try it again, […]

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3.000 Meilen zum Erfolg

Seine Ziele am Fels zu verfolgen bringt es zwangsläufig mit sich viel Zeit im Auto zu verbringen. Vor allem, wenn diese am eigenen Limit sind. Für einen Boulder aber nahezu 6.000 Kilometer zu fahren, ist auch für mich eine neue Erfahrung gewesen, die sich am Ende aber definitiv gelohnt hat. Angefangen hat alles mit meiner […]

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Back on stage

After nearly a year I have something to wright about again. The reasons for my abstinence are various. In spring my shoulder hurt a lot and I wasn’t climbing that much. When I got back in shape I tried to push my limit and climb my first 8B+ boulder. I didn’t climb it up to date and […]

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